Saturday, October 17, 2009

IPhone photo apps

In sorting through the pics from Kat & I's European travels, I have been more and more impressed with what you can do with the iphone camera. Here are a coupla apps I have found to be helpful.

camera bag
Kat in Rome
Rec'd to me by my cousin Scott, this is super fun - run your pics (existing camera roll, or take a new one) and simulate a collection of toy cameras with the available filters (Holga, Lomo, polaroid, etc.)  Seriously, this app is amazing! It manages to accentuate the limitations of the iphone camera in a really neat way, turning negatives into positives.

The example at left was taken with the iphone in Rome, and then put through the 'Helga' setting with the cropping turned off. That filter is what added the burning around the edges as well as the color wash out.



Has a few neat effects - most importantly, it turns the entire screen into the 'take a photo button' - which is key for self-photos (which I am inordinately fond of)



Really neat app that allows you to link your photos together and then create virtual environments you can scroll thru on your iphone, or save out as flat images.Campo Santa Maria, Venice
This is not a quick and simple panorama builder, as you have to invest some time into manually joining each photo seam. However, the virtual environment it allows you to create is totally worth it. Very cool!

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