Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dreaming of a new gig

So i was in that half-awake state the other early morn... woken by my bladder, but tired and discombobulated enough to wonder if wetting the bed was really such a bad idea. I had been dreaming. And in the dream, I was making it as a stand up comic. I had put together a passable routine, and was hitting the open mic nights, and was forging a brave new career. And kinda present over the whole thing was this concept hear it is, I am really good at this and I have finally found my true calling. The dream carried over - as they are sometimes want to do, and I was still swimming in it as I rose to clumsily void my bladder in the grey twilight of 5 am. for the next several minutes, I thought about the dream, and the whole experience seemed as though I had been given a gift. I returned to bed and lay half awake pulling jokes from my dream-state bits and thinking "wow, ya know, that stuff is pretty funny - I should totally start doing stand up comedy." As I drifted back off to sleep, I was completely determined to try my hand at stand up, starting with the bits that my dream-self had so wonderfully packaged up and presented to me.

Anyway, I fell back to sleep for an hour, and when the alarm went off and I got rolling into the day the comedy stuff was quickly swept away by quick mental lists of things I had to accomplish that day... deadlines, commitments, meetings, proposals and whatnot. And then the dream came rushing back in the sobriety of full-wakefulness I had to acknowledge that - not only were the 'dream jokes' not funny - they weren't even really jokes. It was just bullshit dream mish mash. No friggin way was I going to start doing open mic nights.